Trash Removal:

Any aluminum trash, iron, lead, and rusty nails that we dig and that will fit into our pouches we carry will be removed and discarded properly. Larger heavy objects will be left alone and we can notify you of its whereabouts if needed. Removing toxic lead from the soil is always a good thing when it comes to farming and planting.

Digging Plugs:

We do not dig large holes. Typically the holes we dig are about 6-11 inches in diameter. We fill them back in right after we recover the object. If the object is on grass then we cut a nice clean semi circle like the photo below. We put any soil that was removed back in first, then we put the grass with the roots back on top into it’s original position. It is hardly noticeable after we are done. We like to leave a property in better condition than we found it.


Typically the finds that we recover have no significant value like buttons, relics, coins, broken jewelry, and site junk that includes old rusty farm equipment parts. When we do find coins they are usually corroded and are the more common newer coins to find. We call them clad coins. Occasionally we do find a pre 1965 silver coin which may only fetch a dollar or two in the real world but we would rarely ever consider selling our finds. Finding and recovering decaying historic relics from the ground is worth much more than a few bucks in our pocket. We store them away for our own personal collection to view and enjoy with our friends and family.

If there is something on the property that you or someone may have lost please let us know so we can return it back to you. We are in this hobby for the passion of metal detecting and recovering history. It is good exercise for the mind and body. The act of recovering something that someone had once used or wore decades ago is truly a special feeling and thill for us. If you feel that a custom finds agreement is needed then we can discuss that in person. Thank you.